Silver Package


Designed for clients living within 5 ½ hours of Knoxville, TN

17-step custom putter fitting experience is a golf aficionado’s dream come true, promising to be a game-changing venture in more ways than one. From the moment you step onto the verdant greens, you’ll embark on a journey that melds cutting-edge technology with individualized craftsmanship, culminating in a customer-designed custom putter that’s set to elevate your game and save precious strokes.

Upgrade your Putter below with a BGT putter Stability Shaft

Putter Shaft Upgrade

Finding the right putter profile can dramatically increase your consistency, distance, and accuracy. And when it comes to putter shafts, the less torque the better, which is why all Stability Putter shafts have 1 degree of torque and are ultra-stiff.



  • Personal (2-4) hour consultation with Coach Kelson at home or on course discussing your putter and putting tendencies and areas for improvement
  • One putter (steel shaft) included in the program price
  • One fitted Putter per client specifications (length, hosel type-offset, grip, weight, site dots-lines,)
  • A thorough discussion of your seventeen putter performance factors
  • 5 Putter Grip Selections


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